Letter to the Editor by Shveta

District 2

I am a resident of Santa Clara for almost 20 years now and I have seen our city change and evolve in many different ways. And I believe this is the time we, as the residents of this city,  definitely need a voice in decision making about the high-density housing, traffic, parks etc. in Santa Clara. I have done my research and support Raj Chahal who is running for the City Council District 2 this November. I would encourage you to read more about Raj Chahal at https://www.rajforsantaclara.com/ and see what he stands for and if that is what you stand for too. I am impressed to see what Raj has been doing for our community for past many years. Call him and ask your questions and concerns. He is experienced, a great listener and above all honest. Support him and help him win.