Letter to the Editor by Josiane Sawaya

District 2

I am writing today to give some insight on why I think Raj Chahal would be a great choice for Santa Clara city council district#2. I met Raj few years ago through his wife Daljit, who was my child’s preschool teacher. He is a very approachable person and very quick to feel at ease to talk to. Their whole family is such a wonderful one. He has so much integrity, respect and love to help people. He started from nothing and worked his way up. He knows the hardship that people have to go through and how to pave the path to success. He really understands the hardships faced by many of our working families. With all the rising housing costs, it is getting harder to live in Santa Clara, he understands this very well and that is the reason he will fight to get solution to this issue. We need someone who can empathize with people and also has a leadership qualities – Raj will be able to help Santa Clara residents thrive through these hard times. Raj is a grassroots candidate who is walking precincts and listening to residents. He doesn’t pretend he cares, he actually does care about the residents.


Josiane Sawaya