Letter to the Editor by Scot Fairchild

Santa Clara Unified School Board

I wholeheartedly support my wife, Vickie Fairchild, as a candidate for School Board. Vickie chose her career in education because she wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. She has worked in the district almost 20 years and thus has a strong perspective of what goes on within the district. She has also attended and been an active participant in School board meetings. We have two girls that presently attend Ponderosa Elementary school. Vickie has been an active member of the PTA. In all cases, she is always watching out for what’s best for the children. She looks at both the big picture, like how to plan for the future, while also taking interests in the details of how things can be accomplished. I know that her experience and skills will be a huge asset to the present and future success of our schools. I kindly request your vote.


Scot Fairchild