Letter to the Editor by Nick Dellaporta

Measure M will create more problems than benefits.  This measure will impose a tax on cannabis and cannabis-based products in Santa Clara.  Our city benefits from revenue, but have we truly benefited from Levi’s Stadium?  We have benefited from revenue that it generates, but our city has also suffered greatly due to problems including stadium rental disputes and stadium noise and traffic that disrupts the lives of residents.  Let’s not create still more problems for our city by imposing a cannabis tax!  By doing so we are allowing cannabis into our city.  When we do that, there will inevitably be an increase in the potential misuse of cannabis.  We are also telling our youth that the consumption of cannabis, a drug, is OK. Using drugs recreationally is not safe or OK!  Vote to keep our residents healthy and safe and our city free of cannabis.  Vote no on Measure M.


Nick Dellaporta