Letter to the Editor by Liz Schwartz


I will be voting for Vickie Fairchild for SCUSD School Board 2018.  My family has known Vickie for 15 years. We first met at Bowers Elementary when my younger daughter was in the Special Education class there.  She advocated for our Special Ed class and community and at the same time represented the school district fairly.  She taught our class for Summer School and tapped in to the students’ potential like no other teacher had before her. She believed the students could master tasks like playing baseball and tying shoes, so she taught them!

Vickie is honest, dedicated, kind, and straightforward. One of the things I’ve always admired about Vickie is her eagerness to help others. My family has benefitted from her kindness and support.

Vickie’s hard work and honest approach will be an asset to our school board.  She has worked many years to keep our community informed. Please join me in voting for Vickie Fairchild for School Board 2018.