Letter to the Editor by Crystal Stafford

Re: Mary Gomez Park

We bought our home 15 years ago across the street from Mary Gomez park fully aware of the benefits and pitfalls of living near a park. We have enjoyed the convenience and didn’t mind the extra bit of extra activity the park added. This all changed a few years ago when Santa Clara Swim Club decided to add year-round swim lessons to Mary Gomez pool. Since then, we have dealt with a barrage of cars flooding the local streets 5 to 7 days a week. Cars stop the flow of traffic, double park and block driveways. Due to the lack of parking, parents stop where they can and send their children running across the street through traffic. I have contacted the police, the city and Santa Clara Swim Club repeatedly. They refuse to properly address the problem. Sadly, I am reminded of the fact that profit supersedes everything else.