Letter to the Editor by James Rowen

Well there has been a precedent set by admonishment. Consider the constant moronic tantrums by Debi Davis, the Madge Rapf of Santa Clara, is certainly due for one. Bravo has Ramona, the Countess, we get a dysfunctional Judy Holliday, though Broderick would not have been able to stand it, Judy could sing and act, Davis rants. The corrupt deal Davis tried to engineer to draw city funds into a bank under federal scrutiny was a horrible chapter. For the record, stealing of Santa Clara High School in the 1980s was a Wade Brummsl operation though the Gillmors had nothing to do with it. I even got my five dollars back. Well. Now the Inquisitor can begin, though Davis thinks Dostoevsky is an Sharks draftee.