Letter from Virginia Ronchetti

To the Editor,

I’m a 94-year-old lady who has lived here in Santa Clara for the last 65 years. I have always tried to support all the businesses here in our City but after the treatment I received at our Target store last Wednesday I will never shop in that store again. I took a dear friend to shop there. The employees inside were fine and very helpful. But when we left. We got outside and were headed for the car. We stopped at the curb and the caregiver left her cart to help me with mine. I have to use a walker to stand, but I used the basket to walk. When the caregiver put her basket next to mine to help me get my basket down the curb, her basket locked up and she couldn’t move it. So I stayed with both baskets so she could go get someone to unlock the baskets. Well when she went in the boy was cleaning the bathroom and his supervisor said he could not leave until the bathroom was clean and that I would just have to wait. I stood out there for 25 minutes in the sun. The young gentleman who finally came was very sorry. It wasn’t his fault. So you old people be very careful when you shop there. I’ll never set foot in that store again.