Letter from James Rowen

If I was a council member, I would have voted to appoint someone to the empty seat. The fact that no one was appointed is the result of van entire cacophony of bad relationships and devolution of good government practices that has plagued city government since the Council made the mistake of appointing Watanabe. Had Nadeem or Chahal been appointed, this mess would have been ended. The rise of a dangerous zealot like Haggag, the arbiter of hate, and the hapless efforts of ONeill and Davis, have shown Santa Clara’s Council has been last in the hearts of its citizens. Well, like Walter Johnson, Gillmor can throw strikes, but a team needs hitters and fielders, and this City Council has a cohesion level akin to the 1962 Mets. Sad, because it began in 2014 on the level of the 2012 Giants.