Letter From Shanti Bhaskaran

It is Never Too Late to Learn

“We are people with hidden disabilities. We develop coping skills. Filling out a form at work or for our child’s school is stressful. We may say we forgot our glasses, or we need to bring the form back tomorrow. We need time to think about it, because we cannot read. People think you don’t care or you are not paying attention at work, but that is not it at all. There are different reasons for not learning; dyslexia, learning disabilities, gaps in education, a school system that put us in the back of the classroom…”

These are words from a group of adult learners who went through Read Santa Clara’s Leaders in Training workshop a few months ago. Read Santa Clara, the library’s adult and family literacy program, offers free one-on-one and small group tutoring for English-speaking adults who wish to improve their basic reading, writing and math skills.

If someone you know needs to improve their reading, writing or math skills, please call (408) 615-2956 or email readsantaclara@santaclaraca.gov.