Letter From Rufino Vargas

I have lived here for about 4 decades what used be the peaceful Santa Clara City. A few months ago, something like a tsunami which is a natural phenomenon that I thought would only occur in Asia, but actually happened in our neighborhood of El Captain and Sheraton Dr. All of a sudden cars coming from nowhere, would invade and take over every inch available, including the fire hydrant, witch is illegal and God forbid, in case of a fire imperils the safety of all neighbors. Every week we struggle, to arrange a space to place our garbage and recycle containers. Now we have a much more complicated menace.

The Sobrato organization, proposed to the City, the building of 200 micro residential units i.e. shipping containers, to house the homeless and low income people in the 2.5 acres vacant lot, located at 2330 Monroe St. in the corner of San Thomas Expressway and Monroe St. in Santa Clara. I’m one of the NYBY (not in my backyard) that Mr. Sobrato mentions. I oppose this project for the following reasons:

Since my house borders this lot I will loose my privacy.
Safety will be compromised and burglaries will increase.
Parking already problematic will become intolerable.
Real estate value will decrease. If this plan is implemented I will be for forced to sell my house, with a considerable financial loss. The Mayor, the developer and the County of Santa Clara, all agree this is the right place to solve the low cost housing shortage that confronts this City. I ask the Mayor and City Council to defend our rights and not allow the destruction of this neighborhood.