Letter from S.L.Orme

5 story High rises
Retread Council members
Orange corporate branding
Un-fav those Things

F rated streets
Disappearing Ethics
49er Give-aways
Un-fav those Things

When they give you fluff instead of stuff
That’s not Amore!
Flowers and antique lighting
Slick lettering and new landscaping
Un fav those Things

Instead of Feng Shui
We get a manager from L.A.
150 anniversary Park
Did they plan this small on a lark?
Un-fav those Things

Our beloved Mission City
is fading fast
landmarks disappearing
Bargains galore
Only in the dollar-store
Our fair minded forefathers
have been displaced
All their efforts have been erased

It’s our jobs now
To rectify this disgrace
Out with the old-timers
They have been 5 and dime n us

What we need now, is a guy like Hondo!

We didn’t ask for it
Nor should we take it
Vaya con Dios
See U Later