Letter from Ed Richards

The City is making money on the new development in the City of Santa Clara? How is money generated from development projects?  We know that the property tax goes up and the project uses electricity & water.  Each year The City is raising fees to reach recovery point.  If we have not reached recovery on fees how did we develop $47 million in reserves? These fees include electric & water, sewer, hazardous waste, storm drain, garbage, recycling, clean green, parks and rec, planning applications.  There is a fee for everything.  One newer fee is on the sewer line that runs from your house to the City main.  Formally the City owned from the clean out by the sidewalk to sewage plant. Council action changed this so that homeowners are responsible for everything out to main.  Replacement cost? $8000.00!  Who can afford this?  The City can and should subsidize some of these fees.