Letter from Sudhanshu Jain

I always enjoy reading Miles Barber’s Milestones in the SC Weekly. In the Dec 30th edition, Miles complained about the lobbyist ordinance that the City Council just passed. Miles failed to disclose that he would be considered a lobbyist and would have to register.

I like the saying “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” when it comes to government. I realize that it costs time and money to respond to Freedom of Information requests but corruption is what holds most developing counties back.

On Dec 14th the SJ Mercury news editorial complained that Santa Clara needs more transparency. I couldn’t agree more. San Jose posts Council agendas and meeting notices 10 days in advance. Palo Alto posts 11 days in advance. Santa Clara posts Friday evening before a Tuesday Council meeting, just barely meeting what is required by law. Planning Commission packets should be posted online and meetings televised.