Letter From Rufino & Mary Vargas

On Friday May 12 at 7:45 I was driving with my wife in the diamond lane, on E San Tomas Expressway between Cabrillo and Monroe St. in Santa Clara. My car developed mechanical problems and I was loosing power. I immediately pulled over to the side and turned the emergency lights on. Even though going at a snail pace, I was frantically trying to get to a safer place, which was within a few feet. Suddenly here comes an irate biker, blowing a horn yelling and cursing at me, because I as driving in the bike lane, notwithstanding having the emergency lights on. I’ve always had respect and appreciated the role pedal people play in solving traffic congestion and environmental issues. My wife told me, she would have handled this differently…I strongly believe the road should in general, be safely shared among bikers, drivers and mostly importantly pedestrians.