Letter From James Rowen

An article appeared in last week’s Weekly that observed Mayor Lisa Gillmor seemed confused about coverage of her votes of Mission Town Center. I wrote a letter to the editor which I implied there were some mistakes in the analysis. I may have mischaracterized the mistakes, but in reading a column by Miles Barber, Publisher, written in March 2017, I know see exactly what Lisa was saying. The comments implied she was against the Irvine proposal. Furthermore, after an analysis of over thirty articles and columns in the Weekly since February 2016, I conclude Gillmor’s rating with the Weekly is largely negative, substantially negative using words like “illogical,” “confused.” I have known and worked with Lisa for thirty five years. I can cite our public disagreements, quoted in the local press, but after surveying the content of dozens of articles, it is obvious that Lisa would conclude the Weekly’s analysis of any action she takes will be negative. She was not confused in her answer, just fairly on the mark.