Letter From Ronald B. Johnstone

Khanna is not a Yale Attorney, he is a Yale-educated attorney. Huge difference

  • Khanna is an attorney, “of counsel” with a Palo Alto law firm, which means that he is not a partner but simply employed there.
  • Khanna is not a university professor; he is simply a “visiting lecturer” at Stanford.
  • Yes, Khanna has written a book. It received mediocre reviews.
  • You stated that Honda missed recent votes because he was here locally, caring for his daughter who was pre-surgery and then snidely remarked how he was “conveniently available” to meet Obama “when he stepped of his plane.” Yes, he was a few miles from the airport. Yes, that was convenient. Why did you even mention it?
  • If Honda missed 400 votes in fourteen years, did that ever matter to our district? If they were like the recent 54 votes to overturn Obamacare, I wouldn’t have attended either.