Letter From Jack Azevedo

The United States of America really is an exceptional country. Not only for the military support we have provided and continue to provide but also for generous contributions (money & goods) we have provided throughout the world for so many suffering during times of crisis or those simply struggling in poverty.

But, it’s much more simple than that. It’s the abundance of freedoms we are blessed with. You can choose to own a team, play or merely watch the game of professional football. Why you can even choose to ignore it altogether and refuse to contribute one dime to the sport if you so choose. In our capitalist economy, the success or failure of football will be decided by the choice we make in the free market.

Apparently, professional football, with the Super Bowl being the number one watched sporting event, is overwhelmingly supported by our society. By all means, I respect those who chose not to follow football, and I would hope those who do so, will allow me, as a big fan of professional football to choose for myself what road I wish to follow and spare me the lecture.