Letter From Richard Wang

Sometimes I wonder why the residents within Santa Clara Unified School District do not seem to value education as much as families in surrounding cities that have passed parcel taxes in recent years to continue supporting its schools. SCUSD is one of the few that has yet to pass a parcel tax.

Well, now Santa Clarans have a golden opportunity to support OUR schools in the form of the mail-in ballot election for Measure A coming out next month. This parcel tax is asking a mere seven dollars a month to help remedy the $8.1 million shortfall the district faces for the upcoming 2012-13 school year. With a struggling, unpredictable State budget, the Measure won’t solve everything, but it will go a long way to stop the hemmoraging that would result in further loss of instructional time, elimination of school librarians, counselors, sports programs, school transportation, as well as the immeasurable loss in morale at the District and school site level.

This is our chance. Vote YES on the Measure A mail-in ballot. For our community, our schools, and our children.