Letter from Ralph Alvarado

The recent outcry over the political, closed door dealings concerning the 49er stadium have caused some in the pro camp to call those apposed, whiners, nimbies, wackos, etc. The name callers seem to have missed the entire point of what a free election / vote is.

While opposed to the stadium, most of us have accepted the terms of the vote and the will of the majority. Those who still try to stop the stadium have sought legal recourse.

I, for one cannot accept the dirty politics that goes on in Washington and big cities. It makes me wonder what was going on in Santa Clara prior to this mess.


What truly sickens me is the fact that there is a portion of the citizenry that is not only willing to accept the circumventing of a vote, but embraces it. I am not calling for a dismissal of the 2010 vote. I am calling for the enforcement of it. If the citizens of Santa Clara are to take on a $900 million debt, then put it to a vote.

I am not a whiner, a nimbey, nor a wacko. I am a citizen of this city, and the U.S.A, and I insist on my representatives doing the right thing.