Letter from Karl and Kathy Watanabe

Stadium opponents seem to want to drain Santa Clara’s resources.  Despite a unanimous vote by the City Council (7-0) to approve funding for the 49er stadium, they want to waste City funds and try to get the vote recalled.  This despite the fact that two councilmembers, Jamie McLeod and Will Kennedy – who opposed Measure J – voted in favor of the funding because they know the 49ers are ultimately responsible for the repayment of the loans.  The stadium opponents want to fight the City which will put additional drain on City budgets like the library, Senior Center, police and fire departments.  Services that we all rely on.  Santa Clarans voted for the Stadium to stimulate economic growth, provide jobs and funds to help put Santa Clara in good financial shape.  Santa Clara will never get an opportunity like this again.  The 49er franchise is ultimately responsible for the repayment of the loan.  It is not going to come from the City General Fund nor new taxes as promised by Measure J.  Don’t let the naysayers bring doom and gloom on the City – the siss-bam-boom of cheerleaders sounds much better!