Letter from Patty Picard Tracy Pope

Santa Clara Unified School District students have suffered enough in the state’s financial crisis. Over 10 years, the district has cut $35 million. Class sizes have increased, elementary music was eliminated, counseling services were reduced, summer school programs have been decimated. In the past five years, over 150 educators and classified employees lost their jobs, with more on the chopping block this year. The school year was shortened through five furlough days.

Enough is enough! The Santa Clara community has an opportunity to save our schools. A YES vote for Measure A means an additional $2.3 million per year for five years to benefit the students of our district. Measure A asks homeowners to pay a modest $84 per year – $7 per month – for five years. In return, school libraries staffed by credentialed librarians would remain open, middle and high school counselors won’t be laid off, math, science and technology classes will remain cutting edge and home-to-school busing will stay.

Measure A will provide stable local funding to protect and maintain quality education in our neighborhood schools.

We strongly urge a YES vote for Measure A on the May 8 Special Mail Ballot. The 14,600 students in the Santa Clara Unified schools depend on it.