Letter from Judie Ram

As a concerned Santa Clara Unified parent, “MEASURE A” MUST PASS! The ‘09 parcel tax measure did not pass! Instead, our district has experienced years of downward spirals in property taxes, money that had been paying for many school programs and resources. Now, Sacramento requires us to pay them back those “no longer existing” revenues to the tune of $8 million plus/year. We’ve cut many teachers, librarians, Class Size Reduction, district positions, instituted 5 furlough days, and more!

How do you think the surrounding districts survive? Almost all of them have parcel tax revenue! We need to step up and support our leadership. $7 per month is two coffees at Starbucks! Keep the money out of Sacramento and in our schools! Read the measure and get info at: http://www.smartvoter.org/2012/05/08/ca/scl/meas/A/. Send your ballot by May 3rd! VOTE YES ON “MEASURE A”- OUR KIDS ARE DEPENDING ON US!!!!!