Letter from Karen Hovey

t’s unfortunate that Mr. Solis did not do his homework before writing his errant letter against Measure A and SCUSD.

In 2009 the parcel tax measure did NOT pass, and thus the millions, that Mr. Solis stated were mismanaged, never actually existed.

Schools don’t produce money, they produce educated children, and even the most well managed school districts need funds to pay for the staff and programs that do so.

With state cuts taking millions from SCUSD schools, the district runs very lean. Teachers and administrators have been laid off, class sizes increased, elementary music, GATE and other programs cut, and the school year shortened. Without relief, additional cuts this year include counselors, librarians, transportation, and course options.

Measure A is a local initiative and funds stay local. I’m hoping our community will pass Measure A, so SCUSD can continue offering our children a worthwhile and engaging education.