Letter from Rich Solis

Santa Clara Weekly, please except my apology for my mis-statement in issue fifteen. It is my hope that you will print the below letter in next weeks issue.

Again please except my apology.

I want to thank Ms. Hedges for pointing out my error, and apologize to all the Weekly readers. 18


The fact that Measure C failed in 2009 just proves the point of mismanagement.

The district has had ample time to put in place a plan that would put them on a path to solvency which obviously they haven’t done because of the continued financial problems.

They want you to believe that they have cut to the bone; if that’s the case why the continued financial problems? Keep in mind it’s the kids that are suffering because of these cuts, not anyone else.

The district continues the blame game for the financial problems when all they have to do is look in the mirror.

Successful ventures have a common theme, competent leadership. Failed ventures also have a common theme, weak leadership.

It’s not hard to figure this one out.