Letter From Patrick Nikolai

Re: Milestones

I would like to address the comments you made at the City Council Impasse Hearing on January 4th and in your paper on January 5th. You stated that you had not seen the Police Officers’ Association work with the City to address the current financial crisis. That is a completely baseless accusation. Have you been involved in the negotiations we have been engaged in since August? No. If you had, you would know that all of our proposals have been concessionary. We realize that the City is in dire financial straits, and we have been working hard to address the City’s needs, as well as those of our members. Speaking of our members, the sworn men and women of the Santa Clara Police Department; You owe them all an apology. Our Department is the best in Santa Clara County because of our members. To state that the City should consider outsourcing in order to save money is a slap in the face to everyone that puts on a uniform to serve the citizens of Santa Clara. You should also apologize to those same citizens. If you believe that anyone in this great City would want to receive lesser service by an outside agency in order to save money, you are truly misguided. As a resident, I sleep comfortably at night knowing that my family is protected by the finest men and women in Law Enforcement.



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