Letter From Claire Smyth

I found John Azevedo’s comments regarding police escort service for U.S. Marine Arden Joseph Buenagua quite disturbing.

In serving his country, Cpl. Buenagua did pay the ultimate sacrifice. This is the only point to be agreed on. Mr. Azevedo saw the use of the Santa Clara Police and Fire to escort Cpl. Buenagua to his final rest as an opportunity to make a cheap slam at Santa Clara Plays Fair, a group that questions the position of the city of Santa Clara giving so many perks to a for profit, professional football franchise. Comparing a memorial police escort given to a fallen hero to a police service given for free (well, until they got caught) to a wealthy football team is disgusting. IF there’s anyone that should be embarrassed, perhaps Mr. Azevedo’s family might be the correct party. IF you are the man you claim to be, an apology to Cpl. Buenagua’s family is appropriate at this time…

Mr. Azevedo, you should be ashamed of yourself.