Letter From John Azevedo

In the three letters of response to my intentionally provocative letter concerning the Santa Clara Fair Plays selective concern about the San Francisco 49er organization there is a very disturbing similarity. Don Dahl referred to the 49ers as ….”big shots, who have yet to prove themselves….” Howard Myers calls them ……”Extremely well paid entertainers” …. And Nick Dellaporta wrote ….”the 49ers football team is (a) very wealthy corporate entity that has an obligation to reimburse the city”….

Perhaps all three have bought into the class envy propaganda coming out of the Whitehouse. It’s a simple political strategy of divide and conquer that we here from this President, almost every time he speaks.

Apparently, all three gentleman missed the multiple articles in the Weekly and other local media outlets referencing the 49ers many instances of giving back to our local communities in time and money.

I freely admit to being a football fan and one who would be proud to have the 49er’s play in a Santa Clara stadium. As a military veteran myself, my previous letter began with a humble acknowledgement of the loss to the Buenaguna family. Is it just possible that all three who were so critical, merely took the opportunity to cast the 49er’s organization in a negative light? Personally, I would like to thank the “big shots” at the “corporate entity” known as the 49ers and their “wealthy entertainers” for all they bring to Santa Clara, in pride, revenue and especially their unselfish charitable work.



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