Letter from Nick Dellaporta

Our mayor and City Council have accomplished much over the past four years. For example, the revitalization of the former Mervyn’s Plaza and the new Northside Library are exciting, beneficial additions to our city. However, the City Council has created significant problems: they have given numerous developers permission to build massive apartment complexes which have destroyed the character of many neighborhoods. Levi’s Stadium has caused overwhelming traffic problems, disrupted neighborhoods, and required the city to find a new home for the Youth Soccer Park. Amazingly, the City Council believes that constructing a shopping center larger than Santana Row near the traffic-congested vicinity of Levi’s Stadium will benefit everyone. The City Council wants to serve residents by creating a robust healthy economy and by increasing affordable housing. However, the problems they have caused are greater than their accomplishments. I do not support re-election of Jamie Matthews, Pat Kolstad or Dominic Caserta.