Letter from Sharon Vergho

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Tom Goodson, a 70-year-old resident of Santa Clara who is facing the possibility of becoming homeless after 23 years of residency at the Civic Plaza apartments in Santa Clara. Mr. Goodson has been notified by the management company, Goldrich & Kest that they will no longer be accepting his housing voucher as of December 31st. Therefore, he must now find a new home.

As a community member, I very concerned that Mister Goodson is facing the possibility of becoming homeless. He has provided over 50 years of volunteer service as a youth coach for Santa Clara Unified School District and in addition has provided hours of service to Pomeroy School helping children to read. Now he needs community support to help him navigate the bureaucratic red-tape. If you can help, please contact Tina Rosenthal at tina@tinaandmike.net