Letter from Natalia Lima

Recall Persky Campaign is Non-Violent, Constitutional

The campaign to recall Judge Persky is not a form of “mob rule,” despite what detractors might claim. Mob rule implies violence and intimidation outside the lawful realm. In clear contrast, the campaign to recall Judge Persky is democratic, squarely within the bounds of law, and not only non-violent, but explicitly anti-violent.

First, within a democracy, we as citizens have not only a right to vote officials in but a fundamental right to vote them out. Additionally, the reason behind this campaign is because we, as citizens, have had enough with violence, especially sexual violence against girls and women. Persky has a remarkably disturbing history of allowing not just Brock Turner off, but a laundry list of other privileged men off with minimal sentences despite being convicted of violent sex crimes.

Voting yes on the recall of Judge Persky is a vote against violence and intimidation. It is a vote against Judge Persky’s belief that privileged, white, male athletes are above the law. And we, as a society are using democracy, not mob rule, to do it.