Letter from James Rowen


I do agree that the majority of the City Council really needs a refresher course on the Brown Act. Indeed, Debbie Davis probably thinks Ralph M Brown was the announcer on “Price is Right.” The calendar postings for Teresa ONeill show a disregard for residents and a political crush on Jude Barry and Robert Haugh. Those two remind me never to underestimate how far a slug can slither. I do take exception to the constant snipe at Lisa Gillmor being selected as Mayor. She was the unanimous choice of the Council. No one called for a special election at the time. It is true that ONeill, Davis, and Watanabe have demonstrated how the mackerel that shines are the rotted ones at midnight, Gillmor has had to work with what she has. Any experienced worker knows how to complete a task even burdened with three coworkers who are like weeds in our local garden.