Letter From Rozane Bey McCurdy

One would think that by the looks of the chintzy door hangers in select neighborhoods announcing the plans for Montague Park, the City of Santa Clara got hit with the Poor Stick. After months and months of being bombarded non–stop with high–end, high–gloss, varying sized, printed VOTE FOR ME because I CARE ABOUT YOU & OUR COMMUNITY pieces, sometimes up to two or three pieces a day costing thousands of dollars, where did all that money go? Media ad blitzes, interviews and call outs for volunteers to work “Super Bowl L” apparently are not bank breakers, but sending out communications to the entire city about re–developing our parks is? Was the cost too high or was this the cheapest route the city leadership could get away with for something that is probably a done deal anyway? I’d be curious to see who is tending the City Coffers now.