Letter from Sita Stukes

Judge Persky’s defenders keep justifying Persky’s lenient sentence for Brock Turner on the grounds that both Turner and his victim were both “highly intoxicated.” Really?

Try this scenario: you have too much to drink at a party. You crash on a pile of coats in your host’s apartment. Another partygoer enters the room, grabs your wallet, and maxes out your credit cards. Is this crime your fault for being too inebriated to protect your belongings? Of course not. When it comes to sexual assault, however, people are quick to steer blame away from the assailant and blame the victim for the crime. “She asked for it,” is the common response, or “he was drunk, and…you know…”

Shame on anyone who justifies sexual assault for any reason, including those who believe Persky should stay on the bench because Turner and his victim were both drinking. Vote to recall Persky and choose one of his opponents.