Letter from Lidia Blair

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about my admiration for the hard-working people in the 49ers Community Relations Department.

I am a fan of the 49ers not only because of the great football team, but for who they are and what they do to help others in need.

I have been reading the Santa Clara Weekly for many years and there is always something new about the 49ers having to do with the community in a very positive way.

The team foundation has given generously to worthy causes in the community. I truly appreciate the time that the players are taking to be involved.

Many big corporations here in Santa Clara will be benefiting from the new stadium. That is what keeps us going. Many other small businesses like mine probably won’t benefit as much, because we are far from where the stadium will be, but I am proud to say that my small business is in Santa Clara.

The 49ers football team deserves our support and if the City of Santa Clara says this will be good for our community, then it must be.