Letter from James Rowen

As a fellow journalist, I have to say the staff of the Weekly is better at writing and research than I am. Carolyn Schuk addresses the content of the misleading “referendum,” and I have to really focus on the process. Court cases from 1915 to 1995 clearly give a distinction to legislative acts and administrative acts. The DDA was an administrative action taken from Measure J. McKevitt v. Sacramento established the precedent, but the stadium haters also objected to Brown v. Board of Education. Last court case, Santa Clara Plays Fair agreed with was Dred Scott. For five years, a group of people who relish the idea of the world being flat, and that people of color have other cities to move to, have continually bombarded us with boo bird commentary about the stadium. They have no idea what this project is all about, just sad little people with sad little lives, and with a referendum that is riddled with lies, based on a false assumption. I have no doubt the soils report permit will be placed on the ballot next.