Letter From Juan Moran

When I heard my favorite teacher at Santa Clara High School and our former City Council Member Dominic Caserta was running to return to the Council, I was excited; so happy in fact that I attended Dominic’s kick-off on May 29th at Fiorillo’s Restaurant.

It was such a well attended event. Dominic’s speech was inspirational, heartfelt, and passionate. As my former teacher, Dominic was so enthusiastic about teaching us government and his love for Santa Clara was infectious to all of us. I was not surprised to see so many of his former and current students there in support of him at his kick-off. In fact, there were over 50 of us there!

As our teacher, Dominic instilled in us a sense of civic duty. Moreover, he believed in us, and I am excited that so many of us believe in his vision for our city moving forward. Please consider joining me in supporting my teacher, my role model, and now friend, Dominic Caserta is his election to our City Council