Letter From Tom Blazek

Inasmuch I appreciate the efforts of the government of Santa Clara, I think the project of a soccer field or playground in or adjacent to Jenny Strand Park is ill-conceived and not very well planned.

Here is why:

  • Accessibility and parking. Imagine just 2 teams: no less than 22 players, in other words 22 cars to arrive, park nearby, not accounting for couches, referees, substitute players, parents, viewers, and guests etc. Please do come and see on weekends and afternoon hours workdays: the nearby streets are already crammed by park visitors’ cars…
  • One must also consider traffic congestion from Apple complex under construction nearby.
  • What shall happen to the project of the solar farm there? Should it be scrapped and the taxpayers eat the loss?
  • Soccer-playing kids may not have just fun all the time. Injuries, emergencies do happen – how is an ambulance vehicle access to be resolved? Medevac helicopters are always an option, but is that necessary?

There is quite a difference between casual sport activities already taking place in the park, the fairly regular “semi-pro” activity like the youth soccer is. Jenny Strand Park is perfectly suitable for the former, not the latter. A more suitable place should be picked.