Letter from Bernhard Henschke

Dear Mayor Gillmor and City Council,

I have been a resident of this City for 66 years with a 4-year US Navy break.

I have experience the many changes that have occurred during my time. Many were good and resulted in exceptional facilities – Senior Center and Library – to name just a few. There were also some bad mistakes and one of the worst was turning the Old Downtown into a replica of a bombed out WW II City. It still hasn’t fully recovered.

Your proposed outrageous utility rate increases. In particular the Sewer Rate. Almost $8 in one year, a 20% increase. In 2012, you, the city, raised the rate four times in one year for a total of hard to believe, 30%.

No doubt, you will talk about the many more people who have come to Santa Clara and that facility expansion is needed. Well, those same new people will also contribute to the funds needed for any expansion.

I certainly request (consider demand) that the proposed Sewer Rate increase, if needed at all, be severely reduced.