Letter from Patty Picard

On March 30, 2016 Miles Barber wrote “It is scary to think that our Council is making development decisions based on the community concerns that are more imagined than real.” What the community is seeing, not imagining are too many projects being developed too quickly. I’m not saying no growth but growth with a mix in mind. We desperately need low and affordable housing. Teachers can’t afford to live in Santa Clara, Classified Employees certainly can’t afford to live in Santa Clara, and city workers can’t afford to live in Santa Clara.

Mr.  Barber says this is growth, grow or die. This kind of growth is more like a tumor. It will take hold and grow without restraint. The Santa Clara that we know and love is quickly dyeing. Where are the families going to live? Are they going to live in the Studio and one bedroom apartments?

I’m glad the City Council put “the squeeze on Irvine Corporation to reduce the size of their Town Center project”.  Not economically feasible is a joke Me Barber. The Irvine Corporation is currently wholly owned by Donald Bren  Since the company is private, its financials are not released to the public. However, Donald Bren is the richest real estate developer in the United States, he is valued at $15.4 BILLION. We just didn’t fit into his profit margin.