Letter From James Rowen

What Shakespearean drama is Miles suggesting? David Tobkin limping into the Council Chamber and saying, “Now is the time of Santa Clara’s discontent, soon to made glorious by the Young York. I, during this piping time of peace have laid plots, inductions and dangerous to set candidates in deadly hate against the Mayor about a prophecy which says that ‘G’ shall no longer prevail!” Is Miles setting himself as the Falstaff to address the Merry Wives on the City Council warning them about the Ides of 2018? Shall Gary of Gaunt discuss this great isle of the Mission City while the Chamber attempts to teach Lisa about the City’s stage where everyone enters and exits and plays many parts as we hear the Raven above Miles’ desk say “Nevermore!” Careful, Miles, you may just may have to meet the Mayor at Philippi, or Mayor Hamlet may appear in spirit at the Weekly office to speak of a tale to unfold whose lightest word would harrow up the staff’s soul as he is doomed to stalk the city by day and night. Really, Miles.