Letter From James Rowen

I hate long, tired comments about length of service especially from me. But it is important for my argument to state that I have appeared or corresponded with Santa Clara Commissions for 44 years, served on two separate commissions, and the Charter Review Committee. Mr. Barber seems to imply that there is some buckaroo serving on a commission in Santa Clara. Granted that in any society, there are city commissioners or elected representatives with “challenged” intellectual ability, more apt to event planning than theoretical physics, but such is the way of things. In the last fifty years, only one city commissioner has been formally investigated, coming within a fleck of being dismissed for harassing staff and favoring fermented beverages. I think, given our outstanding crew of commissioners, Mr Barber should put up or shut up. We have too many web based commentators who smear for no reason except for twinkie money, the Weekly is better than that as Mr. Barber who needs to say “who,” “what,” and “when.” He knows better, Barber is a columnist not a silly podcaster living off fermented honey.