Letter From Jack Azevedo

When the news about fan violence at Candle Stick hit the media, you just knew the Santa Clara, anti-stadium crowd, was salivating. In their traditional “not in my back yard” mantra. Two letters in the Santa Clara Weekly weren’t so much about stopping the violence, as it was about keeping it out of Santa Clara.

The most ridiculous remark was;…….the NFL ..doesn’t care about fan safety! Really? If, for no other reason, the NFL leadership knows that if they were to ignore the issue of fan safety they would soon go broke from the lack of attendance and the pay-out for various liability, law suits.

The unusually extreme violence during and after last Saturday’s game was unconscionable. But, it is already serving as a wake-up call that has resulted in improving fan safety. Regardless of what city future football games are played in, the 49ers and the NFL as a whole will strive to provide a safe environment for those folks they depend on for revenue.