Letter From Jim Curylo

The stadium boo-birds are out in force – but let’s get real. Despite dire predictions of pending doom of the new Santa Clara located 49ers stadium (I like the part where the earth opens up and swallows the state), all is not lost.

For example: the golf course will probably have a “surge” of golfers on the Saturday before any 49er Sunday home game as package deals will be made by the hotels, as they no doubt do already. There is a bridge from the golf course to the hotel area just for that purpose. The same applies to the local tennis courts and David’s Restaurant. We may see the advent of the “49ers Players Classic” golf challenge or other golf events happening there.

The Convention Center will most likely cater to the home team and visitor’s team football crowds on those eight regular season weekend games and may in fact show a profit, a horror to those that disdain money.


If the 49ers are fortunate enough to host their own post-season playoff games and eventually a Super Bowl played here, that is more “money in” like sales taxes to the City. The local economy from Sunnyvale to Milpitas will also benefit. Remember, we are in a deep financial pit right now and the stadium and its supporting resources will help considerably in more money in. There, that ought to satisfy the tax and spend liberals.

Now for the youth – the Youth Soccer Field is vacant on Sunday, as in nobody plays soccer there on a Sunday, except on one occasional weekend tournament. Did you know that? How do I know this you might ask?

I live in that part of Santa Clara that we locals refer to as the “Neglected North-side”. My weekend exercise regime is routed past the golf course, tennis courts, the convention center, the soccer fields and even “the creek.” I see empty parking lots at those places (except the creek) on Sundays, a lot of them. I expect the exposure from the 49ers will remedy that, as well as any other events at the stadium.

On the bright side, there may be an upgrade for “the creek” in the plans so you won’t have to be concerned about the baby ducks.