Letter From George Rivera

Thank you Santa Clara Weekly for your generous “Congrats George” listing on page 5 of the current Santa Clara Weekly issue. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of not only this wonderful message, but also for all of the support that you have given to the Triton Museum of Art, the Arts and to me for over 28 years since I first joined the museum in 1985. The Santa Clara Weekly has been the leading champion for the Arts in our community and South Bay year after year for decades covering the visual arts, theater, dance, the classics, performing, literature, community arts groups, children’s arts and film. Every week there is at least one arts article about what is going on in our community. Twenty-eight years is a lot of history and for me it has been a blessing, privilege and honor to have been with an arts organization for this period of time and located in the greatest city in the Bay Area. The Arts are alive in this city because of the vision and mission of our city’s leaders from all facets of our community who recognize and fight for the Arts to be an important part of our community that we serve. The future for the Triton Museum of Art is extremely bright with Jill Meyers as the Acting Executive Director and the best staff and Board in the Bay Area. Thank you Santa Clara Weekly, together we have made a positive difference for the arts and arts education in our community and world.