Letter From Craig Larsen

Youth Soccer Park Relocation – 49ers pay

Although the 49ers have reneged on their spoken and written commitments to provide replacements for stadium event displaced soccer fields, there is one contractual commitment in place. As agreed to in the DDA proper and stipulated in Resolution No. 10–7785 as a condition of approval, the 49ers, as “applicant” must abide by the following, which states, in part:

“Exhibit W: Design/Construction Mitigation Measure and Conditions of Approval


J. Engineering Conditions of Approval

E1. If relocation of an existing public facility (which does not include any investor owned utilities) becomes necessary due to a conflict with the applicant’s new improvements, then the cost of said relocation shall be borne by the applicant.”

As a public facility, if relocation of the Youth Soccer Park becomes necessary, it is the 49ers who are required to bear the costs – no one else.