Letter From  Rufino Vargas

Recently pharmacists joined doctors and anesthesiologists, refusing to participate in executions of human beings. The vast majority of nations in the world do not accept or employ the capital punishment. It is a shame that our great nation, in the XXI century is still in the Stone Age mode in regard to human life. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI once declared: if you are raised and live by the sword you will be killed by the sword. My Christian-Catholic faith compels me not to kill. Death penalty punishment has been proven to be ineffective as a crime deterrent and very costly to the taxpayer. Physicians take the Hippocrates oath that advises them not to kill. GOOGLE, our great high tech icon in our Silicon Valley is guided by the motto Do no Harm, has the wherewithal and influence to stop this barbaric practice. US currency carries the message In God We Trust. It is time to stop capital punishment.