Letter From Brian Russell

In answer to Santa Clara’s Levi Stadium to Host Golden Jubilee of Super Bowl

The Santa Clara Way!?

Oh yes, Mr. Mayor, you get things done! Wow! A stadium that might host 25 events a year … and the rest of the year we’ll have a monument. Yes, a monument to what hasn’t been done. Those that come to watch these events, will they be able to come and stay at our non-existent prestigious downtown hotels and walk along our non-existent downtown tree lined boulevards? They won’t! They will, however, be able to traverse our cemented homesteads, where we park umpteen cars and motor homes in front of our houses, and enjoy traffic galore on our neighborhood streets. But they won’t stay here. They’ll stay where they can relax and enjoy the attractive downtowns of neighboring cities. Nevertheless, they’ll be here for game time, and you’ll be able to sell them all the polish sausages that they can down. But, alas, we, the citizens of Santa Clara, will be left with our cemented home fronts and our traffic. But, I guess that’s the Santa Clara way to get things done for Tree City, USA.