Letter from Anne Bays

My Trip in the Park

On Wednesday night, 6-20-12, my husband and I went to Central Park for the summer concert series. I was walking from the handicapped parking lot to the pavilion when I tripped on a crack in the concrete sidewalk and fell on my face.

My sincere thanks to the wonderful, unknown people who came to my aid. I can’t thank you enough. Several people rushed to help me as I lay face down.


When someone suggested moving me, another person wisely said, “No, don’t move her!” I believe she also asked for a towel to stop my face from bleeding. It couldn’t have come more quickly.

Thanks also to the 911 caller who gave directions to the rescue squad as to which of the two park entrances should be used and, finally, to the rescue people who expertly transported me to El Camino Hospital for emergency treatment.

Finally, the city needs to repair the sidewalk.