Letter From Adam Run

Change, sometimes change is for the good and other times not so good. Once upon a time we had a city manager that put our residents first on the list and now you’re lucky if you can make the list at all. Today our Mayor and Councilmen have sided with our Southern Cal city manager to place the 49ers, developers on the one and only preferred list. Our city is being branded now as LA North. It’s time for Santa Clarans to stop this change before it’s too late. Our Mayor and Councilmen need a wake up call or a recall it’s their choice. We need to control our growth and stop giving developers and the 49ers special treatment. And look at restoring our services back to the residents. We the people voted them in and maybe it’s time we vote them out; a recall is always an option. I urge all residents to stand up and take our city back. Contact your elected officials and city manager and remind them whom they are working for. If you like to live the LA life style then say nothing.